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Capture the Magic



AUGUST 1, 2015


Motion Accomplished was our most technologically advanced Showcase yet!  For the first time, we used lighting and digital special effects to create a show full of action and intrigue.  Congratulations and thanks go out to the entire cast.


With thirty-six numbers and a spectacular professional show, the audience was more than satisfied as they were on their feet after the finale.  There were good guys and bad guys all throughout the show, but in the end, the agents of dance teamed up with QCB's own Bod Squad to create an entertaining, dance-oriented Spy Thriller that left everyone with a good feeling.  


The show followed "agent" dancers as they tried to find the "Music Box,"  a piece of technology that most definitely needed to be on "our side" and not "the opposition's."  In the end, true to form, the "good guys" prevailed and the ending showed some great effects and lighting designs by Producer Rebecca Galyen and line dance coordination by Dirk Myers.


A champagne toast backstage after the show was a great way for the cast to gather and enjoy the limelight for a few more minutes













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