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International Ballroom and Latin Dancing are the established Standard for competitive ballroom dancing world-wide.  You see them on hit shows like ABC's Dancing with the Stars.


The Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Quickstep are the International Ballroom Dances.


International Latin dances bring speed, style and Latin culture to the competition floor.  


Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive are the Latin Dances.  A study of these gives a dancer preceision, speed and control with a sexy, elegant look on the dance floor.

Standard Dance, TangoLatin Dance, Paso Doble

American Smooth Style dances are similar to International Standard dances, but with much greater freedom.  Partners leave the normal dance hold to explore dancing apart with beautiful arm movements and jazzy patterns that are fun to dance.


The steps and figures for this unique style are constantly developing.


American Rhythm dances are similar to the latin dances.  The Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero and Mambo all bring a sense of energy to the dance floor.   Learning these dances allows dancers to be creative and have fun to a wide variety of Latin beats!

American Smooth Dancing

Salsa is the hottest dance on the night club scene.  Learn to dance Salsa "on 1" or Salsa "on 2." New moves are always developing in this exciting style.  With Salsa lessons at Queen City Ballroom, you are ready to hit the floor anywhere from New York to Miami.


Casino Style or Salsa Rueda is one of the most popular versions of this night club favorite.  Be sure to look in on one of our Salsa Wheel Classes soon.


Argentine Tango is the beautiful dance done in the Milongas of Buenos Aires.  Our instructors have studied in the heart of Buenos Aires where the Tango began!  World renowned Argentine Tango dancers often teach in our studio.

American Rhythm Dancing




West Coast Swing is a popular dance in Charlotte blues clubs and Country Western hot spots.  


Top West Coast Swing dancers from around the country make Queen City Ballroom their preferred studio for fun and easy group classes that you can drop in on any time.


Hustle is the original disco dance from New York City.  Queen City Ballroom's quick teaching method gets you moving to the beat right away.   It's fast and fun, as it lets you re-live the glitter and glamor of the disco era.

Exhibition Style Dancing or Cabaret as it is known is consistently one of the most popular styles of competitive dancing.  Everyone notices the daring lifts, dips and drops on shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance."  


Learning these high-energy moves can add eye-popping quality to any dance and take your night-club style dances to a whole new level.


Queen City Ballroom has the only USTA Certified Cabaret dancer in the region to teach you how to combine ballroom and ballet methods to to give you that extra sizzle on the dance floor.

Queen City Ballroom was the first ballroom dance studio in Charlotte to offer a free Children's dance program.    


The Charlotte Youth Dance Program meets every Saturday at 11a.m. on the main dance floor in our South Park location.  


Class is free for all Charlotte area youth ages 5 to 17.  Instructors are paid through donations to the foundation and through special programs offered by the ballroom.


Twice a year, dancers in the youth dance program join with our staff and regular students to perform a showcase demonstrating how Queen City Ballroom is bringing the art and culture of dance to the youth of Charlotte, North Carolina.


West Coast SwingSalsa Dance CharlotteArgentine TangoHustle Couple Image

Queen City Ballroom teaches many different styles of dance.  While there are plenty of great competition styles of dancing, all of these styles can be learned at a purely social level.  You can learn to dance to any kind of music at a level you enjoy so you don't feel you have to dash right out onto the competition floor.


The different styles of dancing are designed to take you where you want to go on the dance floor -- whether it's hitting the night club scene with the hottest new Salsa moves or getting ready to Dance with the Stars.  Queen City Ballroom is a three-time winner of the Best of Charlotte Award for Dance Instruction.  Our methods are unsurpassed in making your dance experience easy and enjoyable.

Exhibition DancingDips and DropsChildren DancingChildren Dance Image






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